Frank Nicol has over 13 years of experience as a business and market developer across several national, International, private sector and Non-profit sector establishments.

During his time in the private sector, he examined the wider economy to capitalize on expansion opportunities in Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Republic of Guinea and The Gambia. He has consistently developed and managed new and existing key business relationships for the Sierra Leone Bottling Company (Coca Cola), BEST products Intra Trading Co. (ZA), Double A International Network Ltd (TH) & Nouvelle Parfumerie Gandour (CI), to ensure a healthy risk to return ratio, to drive profitable growth and expand the companies’ brand of portfolio.

In the non-profit sector, he worked as the catalyst to bridge the gap between the private sector and sanitation needs of low-income earners with GOAL, Sierra Leone. This was done by scoping and identifying businesses and new partnership opportunities, researching context appropriate sustainable solutions and overseeing market development in an equitable manner, promoting accessible and affordable products through financial inclusion and advocacy to benefit women, youth, and disabled people.

Frank also has rich experience in the insurance industry in Sierra Leone, working with some of the biggest insurers nationwide for over 5 years. As Managing Director of Starline Limited, the company has acquired and maintained several reputable organisations in various industries ranging from the banking, mining and agricultural sector, to NGOs, Oil and gas industry, and beyond.